Have You Tried Smoking Extract Yet

When I was growing up back in the 70’s people were just getting the idea that prohibition against marijuana was going to far. Pot had been legal just until 1937 and it took 30 years for people to get past the refer madness that earlier generations had been fed. So now almost 45 years after decriminalization in California, 1974 pot has become almost mainstream on the same level as beer. You can’t go into 7-11 to make a pot purchase yet, but its coming soon.

So because of the new wave of legalization people are naturally getting innovative and trying new ways to use the plant so many people like. One way is to extract the oils and smoke them which is a safer (health) than smoking the leaf. I’m not going to retell 3000k psithe story.


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In a converted gas station by an enormous stone Buddha in Mendocino County, Calif., Tim Blake stands in front of a mound of cannabis “trichomes.” These crystalline hairs, collected from dried marijuana buds, are rich in THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis responsible for getting a person high. One of Blake’s male, twentysomething employees pours a saltshaker’s worth of these hairs onto a piece of parchment paper,



here is a video of the process

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